Atul Malikram, Political Strategist

Atul Malikram is an Indian Political Strategist, PR consultant, author, philanthropist, and anger management expert. Born in 1969 to a business-class family in Gwalior, a city in Madhya Pradesh, Atul started his career as a PR professional in 1999 and laid the foundation of PR 24×7 in 2006. Over the years, he has successfully carved out an image of a strong political strategist, especially in Hindi-speaking states such as Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh. Because of his in-depth knowledge of politics, Atul has accurate predictions concerning the Indian Political arena. Whether it is about Scindia entering the BJP or Congress winning in “Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan”, of the many scenarios that Atul predicted, he was always right.

He also published the book ‘Dil Se’ in February 2022. On top of that, as an expert in Anger Management, it was him who set up India’s first anger management café ‘Bhadas’ in Indore. Moreover, in his goal of creating a safe and inclusive space for seniors, he started an NGO called ‘Being Responsible In 2016.

Atul Malikram is one of the lucky few that grew up with a small family. He now lives with his wife and daughter and has been awarded the Godfrey Phillips Red and White Gold Award for his outstanding role in bringing about social change. Under #2030KaBharat campaign, Atul is the project lead for various SDGs projects to help achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 across India. The mission is to bring progressive changes in education, health care and sports, and other such sectors.

Dil se / दिल से

An Author Atul Malikram

Dil Se
A book authored to articulate the thoughts towards society and perspective of seeing the world. It vows to make a place in the heart of readers through articles based on social structure. The content revolves around topics like the upheaval of society, inspirational life, political upheaval, giving a new direction to the business, etc.

Dil Se… Not just a book, it’s a voice of the nation’s people who have found some way or the other in giving their thoughts the form of words, towards the social structure awakened with experience. The book has emerged as a supplement for those who consider reading a passion. The author has presented this book as a squeeze of his venture of more than five decades.