Rising Youth Rising India

Empowering the Future of Indian Politics

Our mission

Are you ready to be a part of India’s political transformation? At the “Rising Youth, Rising India” campaign, led by renowned Political Strategist Atul Malikram, we believe that the future of India lies in the hands of its youth. Our mission is clear: to empower, engage, and celebrate the active role of young individuals in shaping the nation’s destiny.

Why Youth in Politics Matters

Indian democracy thrives when it embraces fresh perspectives, innovative solutions, and a greater sense of representation. The involvement of young people is essential for a healthier, more vibrant political landscape. The youth bring enthusiasm, energy, and the power to drive real change.

Youth and Politics

Our campaign focuses on the intersection of youth and politics, addressing key areas such as youth representation in Indian politics, the challenges faced by young individuals, and the significant role they play in the Indian democratic process.

Youth and politics

Our Objectives

Increase Youth Participation

We are committed to increasing youth voter turnout and ensuring their active participation in the political process.

Addressing Challenges

We acknowledge the challenges faced by young people in Indian politics and work towards overcoming these obstacles.

Promoting Youth Engagement

Our mission is to foster youth political engagement, advocating change, and channeling their ideas and energy into impactful policy changes.

Empowering the youth is not just an option; it’s our obligation. The future of India is in the hands of its young leaders. Together, we can shape a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow for our great nation. 

-Atul Malikram (Political Strategist)​

Campaign Components

Rising Youth Rising India

Educational Workshops

We organize workshops in schools, colleges, and universities to educate young citizens about the electoral process, the significance of their vote, and the role of elected representatives.

Rising Youth Rising India

Youth Ambassadors

We appoint passionate young ambassadors to spread awareness and engage their peers in discussions about democracy, governance, and the importance of voting.

Youth and politics

Voter Registration Drives

Our nationwide voter registration drives simplify the registration process for young voters, ensuring their voices are heard.

Youth and politics

Digital Platform

Our interactive campaign website and mobile app provide resources, voter registration tools, and a forum for political discussions.

youth politics

Social Media Blitz

We utilize social media to disseminate campaign messages, host live discussions, and share success stories of young leaders.

Youth political engagement

Youth-Focused Content

We create engaging and informative content tailored to young audiences, including videos, info-graphics, and podcasts.

Youth political engagement

Youth Forums and Debates

We organize youth forums and debates, bringing together young voters, candidates, and experts to discuss pressing issues.

youth politics

Celebrity Endorsements

We collaborate with youth icons and celebrities to endorse the campaign and inspire young voters.

Youth in Politics

Community Engagement

We partner with local community organizations to host events, volunteer opportunities, and neighborhood discussions.

Join the Movement

Be part of a brighter future for India. Join the “Rising Youth, Rising India” campaign, and together, we can make a difference.
It’s time for the youth to rise and shape the destiny of our great nation.

Indian Political Strategist

Atul malikram


Have questions or want to get involved? Reach out to us. We’re here to connect with you.