Political Strategist in India

“Rising Youth, Rising India”: A Catalyst for Youth in Indian Politics

The untapped potential of India’s youth in parliamentary affairs has long been a subject of concern. India, often referred to as a young nation, boasts a significant population of individuals aged 25-30, accounting for approximately 11 percent of the total population. However, shockingly, the representation of this demographic in the Parliament remains dismally low at just 1.5 percent. This raises critical questions about why youth are underrepresented in politics and what barriers prevent them from engaging in the political machinery of the country.

Enter Atul Malikram’s campaign, “Rising Youth, Rising India” which aims to address these issues and empower young individuals to participate in Indian politics.

Youth Demographics vs. Parliamentary Representation

According to the 2011 Census, over 11 percent of India’s population falls within the age bracket of 25-30. Yet, the 2019 Lok Sabha elections saw a mere 1.5 percent of MPs coming from this age group. Furthermore, the Census reveals that more than 25 percent of the Indian population falls within the 25-40 age group, but they account for only 12 percent of the 17th Lok Sabha. While it’s heartening to see a slight increase in youth representation compared to the previous term, this underrepresentation remains a cause for concern.

Breaking Barriers for Aspiring Politicians

One prevalent trend in Indian politics is that many young politicians come from established political families, perpetuating dynastic politics. This leaves young people without political connections struggling to gain visibility and momentum in the political arena. Without proper platforms and mentorship, entering a field that demands experience and diplomacy becomes exceedingly challenging. This situation stifles the creative and constructive potential of young minds, which could otherwise contribute to the nation’s betterment.

Empowering Youth in Indian Politics

To address these issues and bridge the gap between youth potential and political recognition, initiatives like “Rising Youth, Rising India” have emerged. Under the mentorship of renowned political strategist Atul Malikram, this campaign focuses on actively involving young people in electoral politics. It seeks to overcome the dearth of youth representation in parliament by engaging with youth at the grassroots level. The goal is to empower young individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to enter the political arena and drive positive change.


Atul Malikram’s campaign, “Rising Youth, Rising India,” is a beacon of hope for India’s young population. By empowering youth with mentorship and guidance, this initiative strives to give them a platform to express their development-oriented spirit. It is expected that when the youth of India actively engage in politics, they will bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the forefront. Crucial issues such as climate change, which require urgent attention, are more likely to be addressed efficiently when young voices are heard in parliament.

Ultimately, the campaign aims to harness the immense potential of India’s youth and steer the country towards double-digit growth, making the vision of “Rising Youth, Rising India” a reality.