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Why the Indian Youth Shies Away from Politics: Political Strategist in India

As an Indian, I frequently find myself in a perplexing dilemma when contemplating our nation’s political landscape. On one hand, I had harbored hope that the destiny of our country would be sculpted by individuals genuinely dedicated to the welfare of the populace. However, on the other hand, the prevailing perception of politics being dominated by ‘ruffians’ is undeniably disheartening.

Why the Indian youth is disengaged from politics and how a political strategist can bridge the gap

I won’t indulge in lengthy rhetoric about ushering in greatness for our nation; there is an abundance of such content readily available on the internet. Instead, I wish to share a straightforward idea: as the voices of young citizens, we should retain optimism about the state of affairs in our country. We possess the capability to contribute positively, not by pursuing political careers, but by fulfilling our civic responsibilities with unwavering integrity and accountability.

One pivotal facet of this contribution is enlightened electoral participation. Every time we cast our ballots, we exercise our prerogative to select the leaders who will mold the future of our nation. By meticulously researching candidates, comprehending their ideologies, and casting our votes judiciously, we can wield substantial influence on the political landscape.

Another means of engaging in politics is by aligning ourselves with the principles of political parties that align with our core values. Becoming active members or volunteers of a political party can facilitate a deeper comprehension of the system and enable us to instigate change from within. It’s not an overnight transformation into a ‘Netaji,’ but rather active participation in the democratic process.

It is essential to recall that there are inspirational exemplars in our midst – individuals who have chosen the path of politics with sincerity and unwavering dedication. These are the leaders who toil tirelessly for the betterment of society, irrespective of the hurdles they encounter. They demonstrate that politics can indeed be a noble pursuit, centered on service rather than self-interest.

Now, envisage for a moment – what if upright and devoted politicians outnumbered the so-called ‘ruffians’? Envision a nation where the majority of our leaders were genuinely committed to the welfare of the people. It would be a resplendent and prosperous India, a symbol of hope and advancement.

In conclusion, there is no need for us to be disheartened by the unfavorable facets of politics. Instead, let us opt to be the catalysts for change, the well-informed voters, and the active citizens who collaborate to construct the India we aspire to see. It’s not about embarking on a political career, but rather about embracing politics as a means to serve our nation, one incremental step at a time. By doing so, we can collectively reshape the political landscape and cultivate a brighter future for all.

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